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 Things Wimmin Have to Put Up With

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PostSubject: Re: Things Wimmin Have to Put Up With   Things Wimmin Have to Put Up With - Page 3 EmptyTue Apr 22, 2008 1:51 am

God knows how these quotes will work out, but here goes.

AT wrote:
Quote :
Kate P wrote:
Being a woman is rather fabulous; something I appreciate more and more the older I get.

I've considered what it would be like to be a woman and I actually wouldn't like it. I'm feeling more and more comfortable in being male the older I get.

Balding has never really been my thing. But to each his (or her!) own.

AT wrote:
Kate P wrote:
I'm highly diverted by the tights debate which I am glad to offer some assistance on.

Brown tights are only to be found among the Nora Batty Brigade and are to be avoided at all costs (as are the she-men wearing them).

So the propensity to brown tights bears a positive relationship with the masulinity of the woman? Intriguing.

Indeed. The browner and wrinklier they are around the ankle, the more masculine the wearer.

AT wrote:
So, would you wear the more thermal tights? I was under the mis-apprehension that they were thermal. Are you the sort of woman that wears pyjama bottoms under skirts when it's cold? I've seen lots like that in my travels.

What a series of questions! There are woolly tights. As it happens, I don't own a pair as far as I know. There are also opaque tights which are often glossier and stretchier and warm-ish and I own a pair or two of those.

I have a friend who wears them under trousers in winter. I don't get it.

Do I wear pyjamas under skirts? No. I have seen it - kids used to do it in school - and wear socks under tights (usually stripey ones?). I don't get that either.

AT wrote:
There are: A nice black uniform, jack-boots and a long black trench-coat and you can feel The Man. The Force runs strong with that out-fit.

Not bad. Biker Gardaí even better.

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Things Wimmin Have to Put Up With
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