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Devilish machinations come to naught --Milton
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 Machine Nation Charter and Rules

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Machine Nation Charter and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Machine Nation Charter and Rules   Machine Nation Charter and Rules EmptySat May 17, 2008 8:48 pm

Message to New Members

You are welcome and will abide by the Charter lest ye be flung into the outer darkness. The Charter being in essence 'Love your neighbour's Machinery as you do your own and have patience if you feel the person with whom you are communicating still has a lower grade mobile phone than you.'

Enjoy your stay here - there is plenty to be done so if you feel like rolling up your sleeves then you are welcome but if you want to relax then there are all sorts of places here to do your R&R in.

Welcome to Machine Nation from the Editorial Team

Machine Nation is a community of members with curiosity about the processes going on in politics, in technology, in ecological systems and in human social systems. The Machine Nation forum is open for discussion, debate and sharing information.

Knowledge can be very powerful and effective in confronting the world and that's where fora and the ‘real’ world can dovetail. Members have and express differing opinions. MN posters share and develop knowledge through argument or dialogue in a collective spirit of problem-solving. Fun and play can lead to learning and understanding too and are part of life in Machine Nation.

Posters are encouraged to behave with manners and to treat their fellow posters and others as they would like to be treated themselves. Please only post as fact what is true and back it up with your sources through links and quotes. Remember everyone has a right to their good reputation unless proven to the contrary.

Machine Nation is a Nation of sorts, and we are all citizens, which means we all have a duty to make it a place worth living. Members are all asked take part in developing, improving and maintaining the Site and from time to time there will be review sessions of the Charter, Site and Moderation Policy to which members will be invited to participate in order to keep the site policies relevant. Members need to remember that they are responsible for what they write on the site, whether under their own name or an assumed one. Members are required to respect the rights of others.

Site Moderation

A1 • All members are asked to stick to site policy, to moderate themselves and to advise the Moderators by private message if they are concerned about any post.
A2 • In instances of challenges to and compromise of site policy, members should contact a member of the Editorial team by private message. In the event of Editorial team members not being present, pm a mod.
A3 • Moderators (Mods) aim to be as consistent, fair and unrestrictive as they can.
A4 • Moderation aims to allow difference to co-exist and ideas be thrashed out without anyone being made to feel small: Mods do not take sides in a debate.
A5 • Mods may advise on tidy links, lists, video embeds and so on if requested by private message.
A6 • Disruptive behavior or provocation for provocation’s sake is discouraged and if continued may lead to banning.
A7 • Mods should not moderate a dispute in which they are taking part.
A8 • Mods may take any action which they deem appropriate (at their absolute discretion) to preserve the ethos of the site or to avoid any possible legal action. In the event of dispute, the decision of the Editorial Team is final.

Rules and legal

B1 • Members agree to take full responsibility for their own comments and to hold Machine Nation and all other individuals connected with Machine Nation harmless against any loss, liability, costs or expenses arising from any such comments. Members post all comments at their sole risk to the fullest extent possible at law.
B2 • Good manners, helpfulness and consideration between posters is encouraged
B3 • Differences in opinion are not to be used as a reason to insult or belittle other members.
B4 • Bullying or threatening other posters is not allowed.
B5 • Stating or repeating anything without proof which may injure someone’s reputation is not allowed.
B6 • Incitement to hatred or discrimination based on factors such as gender, politics, race, religion, sexual orientation etc. is not allowed.
B7 • Members may not post images or text that is exploitative, crude or 'x-rated' in nature.
B8 • If you post text, photos, or other media, you must make sure it isn’t protected by copyright. For written posts, a short quote, stating where it is from, and a link to the source is best.
B9 • Please do not give legal, business or other professional advice as this may possibly expose you and the site to legal action.
B10 • Please don’t publish tips on specific shares unless based on published information.
B11 • Do not place any ‘inside’ or unpublished information on legal cases on the site.
B12 • Members must not place spam advertisements on the site. If in doubt ask a Mod.
B13 • Threatening anybody with legal action, directly or indirectly, is a banning offence
B14 • Members may only have one account/identity.
B15 • Publishing (or threatening to publish) members’ identities or personal information without their permission is a banning offence
B16 • Impersonating another real individual or using another poster's identity is a banning offence.

Good Posting

C1 • Before posting a new thread - check carefully if there is already a thread on the subject.
C2 • When you start a new thread, give it a brief heading that says what it is about.
C3 • Back up your argument with facts: add links to back-up data.
C4 • If posting on someone else's thread, read back over the posts and stick to the original point.
C5 • Use the clearest wording you can.
C6 • Avoid name calling, belittlement and bullying as it undermines debate and is hurtful.
C7 • Members are encouraged to avoid expressions of anger, intolerance and impatience when addressing one another as primarily we are here to assess and analyse information, not one another.
C8 • In the case of severe personal intolerance of a member who is otherwise broadly accepted you may use the 'friend or foe' function found in your profile to avoid contact with that member.
C9 • If in doubt, count to at least 30 and think again before you post.
C10 • if you have a problem with a poster, pm a mod.
C11 • Please do not quote previous posts unnecessarily in the interests of readability.
C12 • Please don’t use animated avatars as they are a visual distraction in threads.

Language Policy

Machine Nation aspires to be a bilingual English-Irish site but many members don't have much Irish. Machine Nation encourages learning and practice of different languages. Our language policy is experimental and will be adjusted if the need arises.

Whichever language a thread is opened in will be the assumed default language of the thread which will be returned to for the sake of consistency, but posters can use expressions, quotes or engage in exchanges in Irish, English, German, Spanish or French for ease of expression or for illustrative purposes to add colour, interest or humour to the thread.

Members should help with translations of posts when requested. Languages other than English and Irish may not be used to discuss named persons or bodies. Members should alert Mods to any non-English post that may present a legal problem without delay.

Enjoy posting !

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Machine Nation Charter and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Machine Nation Charter and Rules   Machine Nation Charter and Rules EmptySun Sep 14, 2008 9:09 pm

Teachtaireacht do bhaill nua an Fhóraim

Tá fáilte is fiche romhaibh, is cloífidh sibh leis an gCairt seo, nó caithfear isteach sa duibheagán seachtrach sibh. Is éard is bunchiall leis an gCairt ná 'Bíodh an grá céanna agat d'inneallra do chomharsan is atá agat do d'inneallra féin, is bíodh foighne ort má airíonn tú go bhfuil guthán póca níos seanaimseartha ná an ceann is agatsa ag an té lena bhfuil tú i mbun cumarsáide.

Bain sult as do thamall anseo- tá neart le déanamh, mar sin, más mian leat dul i mbun dian-oibre, bíodh agat is fáilte, ach má tá tú faoi ualach scíthe, tá gach saghas áite ann inár féidir leat í a ligean.

Fáilte go Machine Nation ón bhfoireann eagarthóireachta.

Is pobal é Machine Nation le baill a bhfuil fiosracht acu i bpróisis pholaitíochta, i gcúrsaí teicneolaíochta, i gcórais éiceolaíochta agus i gcórais sóisialta daonna. Tá an fóram Machine Nation oscailte le haghaidh plé, diospóireachta, agus ar son eolais a bheith i gcomhroinn.

Thig leis an eolas a bheith an-chumhachtach is éifeachtach i dtaobh aghaidh a chur ar an saol, agus is ansin mar ar féidir leis na fóraim is an saol iarbhír dul i gcomhar le chéile. Comhroinneann is fabhraíonn baill MN eolas trí argóint nó trí chomhrá i comhar-spiorad fadhb-fhuascailte. Tiocfaidh foghlaim is tuiscint as spórt is spraoi chomh maith is tá siad ina ndlúthchuid de thimpeallacht Machine Nation leis.

Spreagtar do bhaill iad féin a iompar go múinte is caitheamh lena gcomhbhaill faoi mar ba mhaith leo go gcaithfí leo féin. Ná breac síos ina fhíric ach amhain rud atá fíor, is cuir foras láidir faoi le foinsí trí nascanna nó trí athfhriotail. Cuimhnigh go bhfuil ceart dea-cháile ag gach aon duine muna gcruthaítear gur a mhalairt atá fíor.

Is náisiún de shaghas é, Machine Nation, is is saoránaigh sinn uile, ciallaíonn sin go bhfuil sé de dhualgas orainn a dheimhniú gur áit ar fiú maireachtáil ann í. Iarrtar ar gach ball a bheith rangabhálach i bhforbairt,i bhfeabhsú is i gcothú an tsuímh, is ó ham go chéile cuirfear ar siúl dreasanna athbreithnithe na Cairte, an tSuímh is dunghaois Mhodhnóireachta, a mbeidh cuireadh ag gach ball chun páirt a ghlacadh iontu, chun ábharthacht dhúnghaoiseanna an tsuíomh a choinneáil.

Modhnóireacht an tSuímh

· Iarrtar ar gach ball, cloí le polasaí an tsuímh, modhnóireacht a dhéanamh orthu féin agus comhairliú do na modhnóirí trí theachtaireacht phríobháideach má tá siad buartha faoi aon alt.

· I gcásanna ina bhfuil dúshláin don pholasaí agus polasaí an tsuímh curtha i gcontúirt, ba chóir do bhaill teagmhail a dhéanamh leis an bhfoireann Eagarthóireachta trí theachtaireacht phríobháideach. Muna bhfuil baill den fhoireann Eagarthóireachta ar fáil, cuir teachtaireacht phríobháideach chuig modhnóir.

· Is í aidhm na modhnóirí a bheith chomh leanúnach, cothrom agus neamhtheorantach agus is féidir.

· Is í aidhm na modhnóireachta ligean do dhifríochtaí a mhaireachtáil le chéile agus smaointí a phlé gan éinne a dhíspeagadh; ní thógann modhnóirí taobh amháin nó taobh eile.

· Is féidir le modhnóirí comhairle a thabhairt faoi nascanna néata, faoi liostaí, faoi fhíseáin leabaithe srl. má iarrtar orthu le teachtaireacht phríobháideach.

· Cuirtear i gcoinne iompair thoirmeascaigh nó briogadh ar son briogtha, agus má leanann sé is féidir go gcuirfear cros ar an duine atá freagrach.

· Ní ceart go mbeadh módhnóirí ag modhnú conspóide ina bhfuil siad ag glacadh páirte.

· Is féidir le modhnóirí gníomh ar bith a dhéanamh má cheapann siad go bhfuil sé óiriúnach (faoina lánrogha iomlán féin) chun éiteas an suíomh a chaomhnú, nó gníomh dlíthiúil de saghas eigin a sheachaint. I gcás conspóide, is é cinneadh na foirne Eagarthóireachta an bhreith dheiridh.

Rialacha agus cúrsaí Dlí.

Aontaíonn gach ball go bhfuil freagracht iomlán acu as a dtaerthónna is a ráitisí féin, agus nach freagrach leo Machine Nation is gach indibhidiúil a bhfuil baint nó páirt aige le Machine Nation as aon chaillteanas, aon dliteanas, aon chostaisí nó aon phíonós airgid a eascraíonn ó fhoilsiú na dtaerthónna sin. Postálann gach ball a ráitisí is a dtaerthónna ar a bpriacail féin i ngach réim dlí.

*Cuirfear dea-bhéasanna is cabhair is comhbhá i measc na mball chun cinn.
*Ní cúis díspeagtha nó mhaslaithe é bheith ar mhalairt tuairime le baill eile.
*Ní ceadaítear do bhall maistíneacht nó bagairt a dhéanamh ar bhaill eile.
*Ní ceadaítear rud a lua nó a athlua, gan cruthúnas, a dhéanann dochar do cháil duine eile.
*Ní ceadaítear do dhuine gráin nó leatrom atá bunaithe ar chúrsaí ar nós inscne, polaitíochta, cine, creidimh, claonta gnéasaigh, is araile, a spreagadh.
*Ní féidir le baill íomhánna nó téacs a fhoilsiú a bhfuil gné dhúshaothraitheach, luarga nó gháirsiúl leo.
*Má phostálann tú téacs, grianghrafanna nó meán ar bith eile, ní mór duit a dheimhniú nach bhfuil sé faoi chosaint chóipcirte. I gcomhair poist scríofa, is éard is fearr ná píosa beag a scríobh ag míniú carb as dó, is nascanna chun na foinse a chur leis.
*Ná tabhair comhairle dlí, gnó nó comhairle phroifisiúnta de shaghas ar bith eile, toisc go mb'fhéidir go bhfágfadh sé thú is an súomh seo lom ar chaingean dlí.
*Ná foilsigh leideanna ar scaireanna áirithe muna bhfuil sé bunaithe ar eolas foilsithe.
*Ná cuir ar an suíomh seo, aon eolas neamhfhoilsithe nó ón taobh istigh ar chásanna cúirte.
*Ní féidir le baill fógraí turscair a chur ar an suíomh. Má tá amhras ort, cuir ceist ar mhodhnóir.
*Má bhagraíonn tú caingean dlí ar éinne, más go díreach nó go hindíreach é, cuirfear ón suíomh thú.
*Ní féidir le baill ach céannacht amháin a bheith acu.
*Cuirfear ón suíomh seo thú má fhoilsíonn, nó má bhagraíonn tú go bhfoilseoir, céannachtaí ball nó a n-eolas pearsanta gan cead a gceann.
*Cuirfear ón suíomh seo thú má dhéanann tú pearsanú ar chéannacht bhaill eile nó ar dhuine iarbhír.

*Sula gcuireann tú tús le snáith nua, déan cinnte nach bhfuil snáith eile ann ina bhfuil an t-ábhar céanna á phlé.
*Nuair a chuireann tú tús le snáith nua, scríobh síos brollach coimir ar a hábhar.
*Cuir taca le do argóintí trí fhíricí a úsáid: cuir nascanna ann chun foras láidir a chur faoi do shonraí.
*Má tá tú ag scríobh ar shnáith dhuine eile, léigh siar ar na poist eile a scríobhadh romhat, is bí ábharach do bhunpointe na snáithe.
*Bain úsáid as foclaíocht shoiléir chomh mór agus is féidir leat.
*Seachain maslaithe, díspeagadh agus maistíneacht, toisc go mbaineann sé an bonn ón díospóireacht is go bhfuil sé coscrach.
*Spreagtar ar bhaill gan nathanna feargacha, neamhchaoinfhulangacha agus mífhoighneacha a úsáid is iad ag cur forrán ar a chéile, óir go bhfuilimid anseo chun eolas, ní na baill, a bhreithniú is a thaifeach.
*I gcás go dtéann tú, go pearsanta, chun domlais le ball eile, ach go nglacann na baill eile leis go forleathan, is feidir úsáid a bhaint as an bhfeidhm 'friend or foe' a bhfuil le fáil i do phróifíl, chun an ball sin a sheachaint.
• Má tá tú amhrasach, comhairigh go 30 ar a laghad agus smaoinigh arís sula gcuirfidh tú leis an ábhar.
• Má tá fadhb agat le ball eile, seol teachtaireacht chun modhnóra.
• Ar son inléiteachta, ná luaigh sleachta neamhriachtanacha ón na teachtaireachtaí a scríobhadh roimh ré .
• Ná húsáid abhatáranna beoite mar is seachrán radhairc iad sna hábhair.

Is í an aidhm atá ag Machine Nation ná a bheith ina shuíomh dátheangach Gaeilge-Béarla ach níl a lán Gaeilge ag móran ball. Spreagann Machine Nation teangacha difríula a fhoghlaim is a chleachtadh. Is polasaí trialach é ár bpolasaí teanga agus déanfar athrú air más fóirsteanach.

Glacfar leis gurb í bunteanga cumarsáide ábhair teanga an chéid phoist san ábhár agus fillfear ar ais air ar son leanúnachais, ach is féidir le baill nathanna cainte is athfhriotail a úsáid agus a bheith ag plé as Gaeilge, as Béarla, as Gearmáinis, nó as Fraincis ionas go gcuirfear blas, spéis nó greann leis an ábhar nó ar mhaithe le éascaíocht cumarsáide.

Ba ceart do bhaill cúnamh a thabhairt trí aistriúcháin ailt a chur ar fáil má chuirtear achainí orthu. Ní féidir plé a dhéanamh ar dhaoine nó ar chomhlachais ainmnithe in aon teanga seachas an Ghaeilge agus Béarla. Ba chóir do bhaill modhnóirí a chur ar an eolas gan mhoill, faoi ailt a d'fhéadfadh fadhb dhlí a chothú.

Míle buíochas le riadach, 905 agus BuachaillBeo.
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Machine Nation Charter and Rules
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