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 Indo attack on veils

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Indo attack on veils Empty
PostSubject: Indo attack on veils   Indo attack on veils EmptyThu May 22, 2008 3:54 pm

A daft article in the Indo today, sorry if you haven't got a subscription.
If Muslim men like the veil so much, let them wear it
I don't think we've had a bitter slagging match about this issue yet have we?

Normally I would have a lot of time for Martina Devlin but this article is full of the most ridiculous assumptions and generalistations. Basically, veils are a symbol of repression and oppression foisted upon women by a Borg-like Islam and it's male cronies.

Veils mean different things to different people. A lot of women wear them out of choice and don't regard them prisons and impediments. These women are ignored by Devlin, even as she tries to defend their place in society. It isn't a real choice as they were all conveniently 'railroaded' into the custom as children.

On to Islam itself, which is described as if it were a grumpy old man. "Islam complains... Islam claims..." Funny, there I was thinking that Islam was the name of a religion consisting of over a billion three dimensional human beings. Hardly a single-minded entity.

Quote :
Muslim boys are raised to value women who wear the hijab and disrespect women who don't.
More sweeping generalisations.

She condemns the link made by 'Islam' between rape and not wearing the veil. Fair enough, but did she not remember the recent survey on attitudes to rape? One quarter believe rape victims partly to blame That Islam fellow is not alone in thinking that women could be responsible for their own rape.

Turkey is mentioned as an example of the way to go with head coverings, with no mention of all the trouble that position is causing over there.

She does make some interesting observations on the difference between expectations of modesty in men and women. There is plenty to be angry about when it comes to women and Islamic practices. But the one-sidedness of the article ruins any clear message she's trying to send.
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Indo attack on veils
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