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 Evidence of the "New World Order"

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Evidence of the "New World Order" Empty
PostSubject: Evidence of the "New World Order"   Evidence of the "New World Order" EmptySat Jan 24, 2009 1:24 pm

youngdan wrote:
How about this.

Australians and Canadians often say they are like each other - both large countries, similar populations, similar cultural heritages... and both satellites of America.

Youngdan in his unerring drive to reveal evidence of the "New World Order" posted the above two speeches by Howard and Harper, the Prime Ministers of both countries which is a striking piece if for nothing other than the skill of the video editor and his acuity in the first place to spot the other similarities that Canadians and Australians appear to have.

I think it's not at all as sinister as it may seem but then again you'd never know - better perhaps to stay as an agnostic about these things in case they are true.

So what is this "New World Order" that seems to be undergoing Net Creep by the day almost ? It seems to me to be creeping into the amateur Economics commentators I watch now as well as being attached to every 911 mention.

As far as I know, the theory goes that there is a select powerful few who are about to cull the people of the world and reap what we have sown. They will do this with a chemical or biological agent or they will infect food with some virus or other; other vloggers and bloggers think a nuclear war might happen; still others perhaps believe this elite is from outer space originally. Or something. This group is Ancient apparently and determined to control every man woman and child they leave alive on a planet they will have turned into a Brave New Orwellian World.

So are these people really going to bomb the planet, head off to Mars for a few years and then come back and take all the survivors into their possession as slaves ? Or is this whole thing a psychological product of the Bogeyman imagination that has caught on on the Internet like a bad rumour in a small village, like the whole thing in the M. Night Shymalnalnmlan video "The Village" ?

Or is there some truth in it and the Evidence is finally appearing, from the contracting money supply to the appearance of incurable diseases (?) to the curiosity that is the speech above ?

For anyone interested to know where to start, Alex Jones is one who has railed against it for ten years apparently. His websites infowars and are linked in the youtube channel below (created by DAVE, not Alex Jones) and he finds it is his mission in life to saturate every news piece and topic with the New World Order idea, from Obama's inauguration speech to the appearance of food on UK shelves and in schools with added sodium fluoride, to putting microchips in animals, to police beatings and riots here there and everywhere.

The Channel created by DAVE

So. the New World Order - precautionary tale, paranoiacs fantasy, interesting internet phenomenon that shows us we are truly entering a Global Village, pile of stinking horsedung or The Truth ? Let the New World Order and its evidence be debated civilly and with an open mind HERE, please.
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Evidence of the "New World Order" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Evidence of the "New World Order"   Evidence of the "New World Order" EmptySat Jan 24, 2009 2:52 pm

Speaking of Alex Jones: Check this out. Don't switch it off, wait for the end, see Alex have a meltdown.