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 Rationality and Religion

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PostSubject: Re: Rationality and Religion   Rationality and Religion - Page 2 EmptyFri Apr 11, 2008 1:14 pm

lostexpectation wrote:
johnfás wrote:
For anyone who has read the God Delusion - I haven't as I've been very busy lately with trying to learn law! - there is, what I have been told is, a good responsive book by an Irish man called Prof Alister McGrath who has a background in molecular biophysics, but subsequently was the principal of one of the Oxford theological colleges. It is called The Dawkins Delusion?. Click the title to view the wiki page on his book.

every debate he's had with secular atheist they've wiped the floor with him (by all reports)

Alister McGrath?
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Rationality and Religion
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