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 Some reading recommendations

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PostSubject: Some reading recommendations   Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:49 am

Couldn't find the auld thread "books members are reading" or anything similar and the Book club forum is locked (actually there is a feckin lot locked up around here at the mo- any particular reason?)

So if the powers that be see a more apt place for this - fire ahead and move it

1) - "Dinner with Mugabe" - Heidi Holland.

a very interesting book about Bob Mugabe , thru the eyes of old comrades,enemies,friends and finally an interview with the man himself - its a very balanced book and tells you quite a lot about how Comrade Bob went to Mad Bad Bob in 20 years or so - for those of you interested in the Zimbabwean scene - this is a must read.

2) - "On the Road to Kandahar-Travels through conflict in the Islamic World" - Jason Burke

A very thought-provoking and interesting read - turned out to be much better than it looked when I picked it up on a whim in the Local Library - from the Observers Chief Reporter that he now is - it starts out with his sejourn with the Kurdish Guerrillas during a summer break from University in 1991 when Kurdistan was going hell for leather with Saddam (Joining a guerrilla war definitely puts my antics and travels during my summer breaks from Uni into perspective - that takes balls!) - He spent a lot of time covering Afganistan and Pakistan di Algeria also and also went into Iraq for Gulf War II in 2003 - nothing as lengthy or judgemental as Bob Fisks Tombs on the subject - but very interesting just the same and I would say he has kept his objectivity far more than Fisk - who, even tho he is a very good family friend of ours - has gone native and polemic on the subject of Israel, - Yet both have been coming to same conclusion regarding the radicalisation with the Islamic world - a lot has to do with the West - but not in ways that we conventionally think and also - reinforcing one of my pet topics - the rising influence of Saudi Wahhabisim thru their huge financial power in funding mosques and Madrassas throughout the Muslim World and here in the west - which are radicalising areas peoples amd cultures in the Islamic world that previously were tolerant - there is something there in that alright.
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PostSubject: Re: Some reading recommendations   Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:35 pm

Some forums are locked for spring cleaning in preparation for move to our new home. Hopefully you will be very happy with the eventual outcome.

Both of those look very interesting. Perhaps its time I joined the library.
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Some reading recommendations
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