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 Machine Nation Review of the Year / Reeling in the Machines - 2008

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PostSubject: Re: Machine Nation Review of the Year / Reeling in the Machines - 2008   Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:28 pm

Plate Tectonics

Quote :
Plate tectonics (from Greek τέκτων, tektōn "builder" or "mason") describes the large scale motions of Earth's lithosphere. The theory encompasses the older concepts of continental drift, developed during the first half of the 20th century, and seafloor spreading, understood during the 1960s.

The outermost part of the Earth's interior is made up of two layers: above is the lithosphere, comprising the crust and the rigid uppermost part of the mantle. Below the lithosphere lies the asthenosphere. Although solid, the asthenosphere has relatively low viscosity and shear strength and can flow like a liquid on geological time scales. The deeper mantle below the asthenosphere is more rigid again due to the higher pressure.

NOAAs Science on a Sphere is an animated globe that can show dynamic images of the atmosphere, oceans, and land of a planet.

905 wrote:
12,000 people are dead due to another horriffic natural disaster, this time an earthquake in China. The death toll is expected to rise.
China has accepted offers of international aid. They are bringing in 50,000 troops to assist with the rescue efforts; China's army has a good record in this regard.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that the HAARP machine based in Alaska caused this earthquake as a part of a new form of economic warfare. China however continues to be a world economic force of tectonic proportions this year whether they are producing revolutionary vehicles or they are reducing the need for imported recyclable materials or their economy is not growing as expected and is therefore impacting heavily on the shape of the world economy at large.

The F3DM plug-in goes on sale in mid-December, an item that even the rumour of which nearly a year ago might have caused the plates of American Automakers NOT to shift, perhaps leading to the Auto bailouts that Bush is here announcing
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Machine Nation Review of the Year / Reeling in the Machines - 2008
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