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 'Ahern to act as go between for bank money men'. This is not a joke.

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PostSubject: Re: 'Ahern to act as go between for bank money men'. This is not a joke.   Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:06 pm

Aragon wrote:
toxic avenger wrote:
tonys wrote:
toxic avenger wrote:
Not the criminal standard of proof, I grant you, but more than enough to be able to state that such payments can't be ruled out...
They don’t have criminal or any other standard of proof in my opinion and on that basis if they come out with anything like you suggest I’ll eat my liquorice hat.

I didn't state that they would try to prove the source as O'Callaghan, only that they could say that it can't be discounted. The report will be damning just in terms of the believability of his own explanations at any rate. But perhaps speculation is idle, we'll know in time...

Is there any reasonably reliable indication of what it is likely to say? Anyone given any hints that you know of?

As discussed on another thread, Terry Prone is all out spinning for Ahern this week, plus we have that documentary and now this Ahern as the saviour of the financial crisis - it's all a bit over-egged maybe? There's something frantic about so much strange and persistent Bertie eulogising. Possibly he's expecting something fairly severe?

(On someone has come up with a spectacularly vulgar but incredibly apt description for Terry Prone: a turd polisher. Is this a new one? The perfect description for her efforts on Ahern's behalf though.)

Turd polisher just about covers her (and PR/advertising types generally).

Nobody knows what's going to be in the Report, except the Judges. You can make an informed guess from having read the transcripts and followed the tone of questioning, but it's still just a guess. There's nobody 'in the know' except the Judges.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Ahern to act as go between for bank money men'. This is not a joke.   Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:14 pm

Auditor #9 wrote:
Who or where did this story come from at all though in the first place ?

Quote :
Mr Ahern recently contacted the Department of Finance to try to arrange a meeting with Minister Brian Lenihan on behalf of a potential investor in the banks, sources confirmed to the Irish Independent.

His name has been linked in financial circles with involvement in the banking negotiations.

This does not suggest that Ahern is acting for the Government. It suggests that he is acting for one of the hyena groups circling the twitching corpse of the Irish Banking system.
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'Ahern to act as go between for bank money men'. This is not a joke.
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