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 Simplistic, Black and White Arguments that annoy you

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PostSubject: Simplistic, Black and White Arguments that annoy you   Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:19 pm

I`ve started this thread to complain about things that are repeated so often that they are presented as fact rather than opinion. It`s not what actually annoys you. It`s the simplistic arguments that annoy you.

I`d be interested in seeing what annoy other people.

To get the ball rolling:

1. The private sector is automatically efficient because it is the private sector. More efficient, yes you can make that argument. But it isn`t automatically true in all circumstances. there are thousands of inept employees working in the private sector right across the country and they survive in their jobs for all sorts of reasons. If it comes to that define efficient? Efficient at creating global economic crises at regular intervals?

2. Private sector jobs are based on their value...Myers on the Panel last night talking about the public service. A guy, who`s job it is to offend people? Ambulance chasing lawyers? Stockbrokers? Motivational Speakers? How many thousands of jobs out there are based on spoofing and you`ve the gall to piggyback on other`s innovation to claim that you`re the ones that create wealth.

3. Business people are wealth creators. Give us a break. Yes some are but how many Irish companies are seriously innovative bringing money into the country from outside? We`re piss poor for innovation (not all businesses fault). But two questions. 1. If Irish business is so shit hot how come we`re wetting ourselves over Obama`s economic policies after ten years of unprecedented wealth and investment opportunities? 2. How much of Irish business is geared towards bulding or providing services catering, shops, pubs ie moving wealth from one pocket to the next rather than creating wealth.

But the piece the resistance. In the event of a conflict: Both sides are as bad as each other. No they`re not, unless by some fluke that both sides had the exact same capbalities and did the exact same things as the otherside to the exact same extent.
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PostSubject: Re: Simplistic, Black and White Arguments that annoy you   Sat Nov 08, 2008 9:36 pm

Totally agree with that. You'd swear sometimes that Marion Finucane's and Sam Smyth's guests have to sign a contract not to disobey the above guidelines. The 'they're both as bad as each other' is incredibly annoying and probably the biggest cop out line in use.
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PostSubject: Re: Simplistic, Black and White Arguments that annoy you   Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:56 am

There's a fairness clause in the broadcasting act that applies to radio that does not apply to print media, Seathrún and that has to do with allowing both sides to be heard. In the context you mention, not coming down too heavily on one side makes life easier in ways. But I agree with you, it can be annoying and it doesn't have to be implemented in the narrow way that is sometimes seen.

The other point is a separate issue, as the broadcasting legislation and defamation law are unrelated as far as I'm aware. It may well be that while they might not have to sign a contract, some guests on radio programmes may have to be warned in advance about what's allowable to avoid possible defamation claims - placing what might be considered to be undeserved blame on one party might be considered to be demeaning them in the eyes of reasonable men. It's a tricky business...
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PostSubject: Re: Simplistic, Black and White Arguments that annoy you   

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Simplistic, Black and White Arguments that annoy you
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