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 On This Day 20th August in Irish History

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PostSubject: Re: On This Day 20th August in Irish History   Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:54 pm

cactus flower wrote:
anmajornarthainig wrote:
You messed up Lestat, 1978 I was born.

By the way I`d agree with Seathrún about the Maze it would be ridiculous to tear the whole thing down. It`s a state building it`s hard to imagine it being used for "IRA propaganda" as you called it Lestat and even if it passed into private hands and was opened as a museum that did propagandise the IRA they would be perfectly entitled to do it. You mightn`t like it, or I mightn`t like it but it would be their right.

Happy Birthday anmajornathainig! cheers cheers cheers

+1 anmajor. bom
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PostSubject: Re: On This Day 20th August in Irish History   Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:30 pm

Lestat wrote:
anmajornarthainig wrote:
If that is what Paul Butler wrote or said it is entirely reasonable in that context to compare the Maze to Auschwitz.

In what context could you possibly draw a comparison between a Nazi death camp where over 1.5 million people were put to death and a prison where 10 men starved themselves to death of their own freewill.

Look Lestat, I`ve a lot of time for you for the effort that you put into the history forum and I don`t want to be harsh here but you`re just being silly here. Nobody here is comparing what happened IN Long Kesh with what happened IN Auschwitz. He`s comparing them as sites of historical importance. By your yardstick his comparison between the Long Kesh and Robben Island could be invalid because there were no members of the Mandela family imprisoned in the Long Kesh. The Hunger Strikes and the Dirty Protests were of immense importance in the Northern Conflict and in this country`s history and Bobby Sands would probably be the most famous death as a result of the conflict. The prisons were of huge importance to the confict. What you`re talking about is the wanton destruction of a building of huge historical significance because you don`t like the politics of the people who were associated with it because let`s face it Europe and Britain and Ireland are criss-crossed with monuments and museums dedicated to people who were involved in the killing of others. Sometimes you approve of these monuments, sometimes you don`t but to wantonly tear down one of the most signficant buuildings in modern European history, a building central to the last major armed conflict in Western Europe is vandalism.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Evoting machine.
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On This Day 20th August in Irish History
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